Wifi service

BEH is pleased to provide a free guest wifi service for use by our patients and visitors in most areas of our main sites.

We provide a free wifi service that our patients and visitors can use in most parts of our main sites, Chase Farm Hospital and St Ann’s Hospital.

This service requires you to accept our terms and conditions to enable access.

As this is a free service provided by the Trust there may be restrictions on downloading, accessing certain web pages or external services.

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Points to note:

  • The guest wi-fi access is continuously monitored and will actively prevent access to inappropriate content.
  • The system uses a ‘fair usage’ policy to ensure all users are provided with a fair proportion of the download speed available. This means that sites such as BBC iplayer, You Tube may be unreliable, particularly during peak periods.
  • People who take up the free Wi-Fi do so at their own risk, and there is no support available to them from staff at the Trust. Staff are there to care for patients and will not act as technical support if someone has trouble connecting to the wi-fi.

Connect to our wifi in three easy steps:

  1. On your phone setting search for available wi-fi connections
  2. Click on BEHMHT-Guest
  3. Click on “Get Online”

You can now enjoy free wifi!

Need help?
If you have any technical queries please contact WifiSpark via their helpdesk on 0344 848 9555 or visit www.wifispark.com.

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Conditions of Internet usage for users:

By agreeing to use BEH Guest Wi-Fi, users are agreeing to abide by the following conditions:

  • Do not access, create, send, print, forward or post any material (including information, questions or opinions), which is libellous, pornographic, sexually explicit, obscene, indecent, or extreme, or which is discriminatory or harassing or includes hostile material relating to gender, sex, race, sexual orientation, religious or political convictions, or disability or incitement of hatred, violence, terrorism or any illegal activity.
  • The above also applies when engaging in social media forums, chat groups etc.
  • Mobile devices must not be used to photograph staff, other service users without the explicit permission of the individual and the ward manager.
  • Service users may take photographs of themselves and their families for personal reasons and their own personal use only. Service users and visitors must ensure that other service users, staff and detailed photos of the buildings/ward are not visible in any part of the photograph, to ensure confidentiality and to protect privacy and dignity.
  • Express permission is required before photographs can be taken inside hospital premises (wards etc.). This should be obtained from the ward manager. Taking photographs of service users without their consent is not permitted.